Helping your child is our top priority!

We help children acquire the physical tools and skills they need to meet the motor demands of school and home life. We help children to carry out motor skills to the best of their ability, as independently as possible, and to integrate gains made into everyday life.


Since the practice's early beginnings in 1988 over 3,000 children have used our service. Sally is still in touch with some clients she first treated at Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital 30 years ago and has even treated the children of some of the children she treated!


We care deeply about the children and families we work with and want to do our best by them.    


What we offer:   

  • assessment and advice
  • assessment leading to treatment
  • parent feedback
  • parent handouts
  • goal directed treatment plans
  • range of treatment tools and approaches including neurodevelopmental therapy, sensory motor therapy, musculo-skeletal techniques, postural education, skills training, writing training 
  • ergonomic and postural advice 

  • holiday handwriting classes

  • baby checks
  • multi-disciplinary assessment with Consultant Paediatric Neurologist, Educational Psychologist, Physiotherapist,  Occupational Therapist and Speech and Language Therapist
  • training courses for post graduate physiotherapists and teachers
  • inservice training for learning support staff and teachers
  • referral to other professionals

If you need more information on our therapies...

Take a look at our therapies or call us on 020 82081361.

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