The best for your child

Working with our specialist physiotherapists , your child will learn how to carry out motor skills as independently as possible. Parents and carers learn how to facilitate your child's motor skills. For example by carrying out special exercises correctly and effectively, activities to encourage, how to use play to encourage your child, what's not helpful for your child, how to prevent complications in the future. Our therapy is based on individual therapy programmes which are arranged to fit in with your child's schedule as much as possible. We see children in the clinic, in their homes and in nursery and schools. We work with children mostly 1:1 but we do run groups for writing training and coordination. The following information provides you with an overview of our treatment options.


Our specialist areas

Sensory Motor Based Therapy:

Neuro-Developmental Physiotherapy for children with atypical or delayed motor development


Sensory Motor Physiotherapy for children with developmental coordination issues


Postural Work (including core stability) for children with poor posture (this could be part of developmental coordination disorder)


Pronated Feet


Handwriting Training


If you have any questions about our treatments...

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