What we do

First of all we establish what skills your child needs to gain or improve. These skills are evaluated / discussed as well as components of development that typically underpin motor output such as underlying postural, coordination and balance abilities. Muscle tone and muscle strength, flexibility of joints and length of key muscle groups are evaluated. This provides us with a comprehensive overview of your child's motor systems. A treatment plan is created to plot the steps needed to get from where your child is now to where they need / want to be.


Treatment may involve a number of approaches. For example an exercise programme which links adaptive responses in the feet to improving strength of core muscles will be taught alongside a motor skills training programme plus advice about desk and chair height / footwear / orthotics.


With handwriting we work to improve writing posture and support correct pencil grip and train technique of executing pencil movements i.e. the postural and motor foundations of writing. We then integrate this with teaching letter formation and joins.


Our specialist areas

Approaches Used:

Neuro-Developmental Physiotherapy


Sensory Motor Physiotherapy


Postural Work


Musculo-skeletal work




Motor skills training


Handwriting Training


If you have any questions about our treatments...

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