What we do

In essence we help young people with physical difficultes gain skills via sensory, developmental, physical and training treatment. 


First of all we establish the aspirations of the young person for the future and discuss the skills needed to attain this. We then assess relevant fine and gross motor skills and analyse key components of sensory motor development that underpin these skills.  This typically includes evaluation of posture, coordination, balance and motor planning abilities. Muscle tone, muscle strength, joint flexibility and length of key muscle groups are also evaluated. We may also use standardised tests to gain an objective measure of ability. The idea is to gain a comprehensive overview of your child's postural and motor functions and how this links to skill performance. We also note the young person's emotional management of any difficulties they experience.  


A treatment pathway is created to plot the steps needed to get from where the young person is now to where they want to be. This pathway is tweaked and adapted according to progress. 


The treatment journey is specific to the individual, but in general follows a developmental route. However the young person doesn't necessarily have to go through every step to get to where they want to be. A number of different but mutually supportive treatment approaches and pathways are integrated into the programme. One approach may predominate at different stages.


We may use several different approaches in one treatment session. For example work to improve flexibility of the feet can be linked to developing core strength which can be linked to improving sitting balance and crossing the midline, or we can work the backwards from crossing the midline to feet.  


With handwriting we work to develop writing posture and ergonomic grip and integrate this with training pencil technique i.e. the postural and motor foundations of writing. We then revise / teach letter formation and joins and progress this to writing words and sentences. 


We use standardised and clinical assessments in our work and employ various treatment approaches to reach shared goals.


The young people are at the centre of everything we do. 



Our specialist areas

Approaches Used:

Neuro-Developmental Physiotherapy


Sensory Motor Physiotherapy


Postural Work


Musculo-skeletal work




Motor skills training


Handwriting Training


If you have any questions about our treatments...

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