Handwriting Training Courses




These very popular, small group courses help children to improve their cursive writing fluency. Courses teach and support ergonomically efficient writing posture together with correct pencil grip and integrate this with writing technique. Courses follow a structured pathway with opportunities for individual differentiation and incidental learning.  We break in the middle of a session to work on coordination and ball skills, weather permitting we do this outside in the centre's garden. The children do work hard but its also great fun.

The most common feedback is "I didn't know writing could be so much fun"!


Parents learn how to support gains made by attending session.


Venue for All Courses:        23 Kensington Square LONDON W8 5HN

Dates for 2020 Holiday Handwriting Courses


Level One runs from 9.30 to 11.45 am

Level Two from 13.30 to 15.45 pm



Mon 17 Feb to Weds 19 Feb 2020       3 day course                Cost £180



Weds 1 April to Friday 3 April 2020    3 day course                Cost £180


Tues 14 April to Thurs 16 April 2020  3 day course                Cost £180



Mon 13 July to Weds 15 July 2020     3 day course                 Cost  £180


Mon 20 July to Friday 24 July 2020    5 day course                 Cost  £275


Weds 2 Sept to Friday 4 September 2020   3 day course        Cost  £180




Level 1: Getting to Grips with Writing

  • 6 - 8 yrs (or advanced 5 yrs old)
  • learning or already doing joined up writing
  • forming most letters correctly
  • targets "o"; "cadgq" and "s"
  • slower pace
  • lots of repetition


Level 2: Tricky Joins


  • 7 yr old who has completed Level One
  • 8 to 10 yr olds
  • builds on Level 1 though also stands alone
  • targets cursive "k"; cursive "f", "we"; "ve"; "re" and "pe" joins
  • generalises gains made into sentence writing and work sheets
  • faster pace than Level One

NB: Courses may be are adapted to suit needs of attendees


Mixed Courses: We sometimes run mixed courses. These are for children aged between 6 and 9 years.


Lead Trainer:

Sally WRIGHT MCSP HCPC Chartered Physiotherapist





All courses teach and support good writing posture and ergonomic pencil grip together with technique and writing training. The courses follow a step by step approach with lots of revision, practice and generalisation. We break for snack and to work on developing eye / hand skills and coordination. We can accommodate some differentiation to meet individual needs within group. Groups are small (maximum 10). There is a lot of incidental learning and links, which keeps the children interested. Typical feedback from child is “I didn’t know writing could be such good fun”.


Sally, course leader, is a paediatric physiotherapist who has worked with children with writing difficulties for 30 years. The work covered has been tried, tested and refined over many years.  Sally specialises in neurodevelopmental (e.g. dyspraxia, dyslexia) and neurological (e.g. cerebral palsy) paediatrics.


Courses at popular times are split into two levels in order to accommodate everyone. Some 3 day courses are run as mixed group.




Criteria for suitability

  • Age range: 6 – 8 yrs (an advanced 5 yr old)
  • Beginning to or already using cursive script in school
  • Child can form most letters of alphabet correctly

This course:

  • Links key pencil strokes to letter families i.e. formation of o; cadgq families
  • Progresses to joining to and from above letters   
  • Integrates above into letter sequences commonly used in English
  • Generalises to words with those letter sequences.
  • On 5 day course “s” and cursive “k” are usually taught.
  • We use incidental learning opportunities

Many students repeat this course. Some attend for follow up 1:1. All can progress to Level Two course.






Criteria for suitability

  • Age range: 8 – 10 yrs (and 7 year olds who have completed Level One course)
  • Know how to join some / most letters but may not be using cursive writing as habit in all lessons
  • May join certain letters incorrectly e.g. wo; re; we; pe
  • May experience aches with writing and hold pencil poorly 
  • Fluency and speed may be issues


This course follows on from Level 1 but can also stand alone. Pace is faster than Level One.


Specifically, the course:

  • Revises / teaches / consolidates formation of cursive “k”; “f”; s, “mnrp” and “wv”
  • Progresses to learning how to join from and to above letters  e.g. re; we; ve “tricky joins”
  • Integrates above into words with those letter combinations and writing sentences with those words.

Many students repeat this course once or twice more or attend for follow up 1:1 .


With both courses there is small amount of homework to consolidate teaching. Parents/carers are welcome to attend part / all session to support generalisation of skills into home setting.



Inquiries about our courses?


  • Email: swatherapy@sky.com
  • Call Jane on 07531 290763 (Tues 14.00 -17.00; Weds 13.00 -17.00 or Thurs 13.00 - 18.00) OR leave message on 020 8208 1361